There will be a Scientist’s Day The minister wants a celebration of Polish science

There will be a Day of the Scientist? The minister wants a celebration of science

– I would like February 19 to be a great celebration of science – to make it a kind of Scientist’s Day. WkróI will come up with an appropriate initiative to the Sejm. I would like that day to award special prizes in many categories to the most outstanding scientists. Zaróboth the internationally recognized ones, as well as very many young, promising ones,” Gowin told TVP1.

As he added, few people both in Poland and the world remember the date of Copernicus’ birth, "and if you browse the world media, you can read that the concentration camps were Polish, and already, for example, the. Maria Skłodowska was a Frenchwoman".

– It is necessary to recall the person and work of Nicolaus Copernicus and in this wayób to build pride in being Polish, a róat the same time build a positive image of Poland,” said Gowin.

According to him, the Scientist’s Day would also be important because more than 30,000. scientistsów – mostly young and very capable – "has spread to universities around the world, and it is necessary to restore theóthem the belief that Poland can be the home of such discoveries as those of Nicolaus Copernicus".

– Since the examples are captivating, I would like each year to have a patron on the scientific side – they can be such prominent figures as Copernicus or Skłodowska-Curie just now. I would like – and this may probably sound surprising – that these patrons are also scientists living, with któr which we could be proud to hear about them. Unfortunately, over the past twenty-odd years, such a policy of building pride in Polishness has been pushed somewhere to the side, he added.