A complex of four caves within the borders of Bielsko-Biala has been discovered

A complex of four caves within the borders of Bielsko-Biała has been discovered

The largest cave discovered is 100 meters longóin length and 15 metersów depth. It has been named „Żóltodziób”. An inventory of the caves is currently underway. Researchers have not made their location public for reasons ofóin security. The caves are subject to rockslides and there is a risk of injury to less experienced cave explorersów.

„Malinka Group” Together with the scientific circle „Reset” from the Bielsko-Humanist University of Technology and Humanities promised to create a virtual tour of recently discovered caves. The material should appear online in a few weeks.

„The caves are located in an area with a radius of 150 m. The largest of these has been given the name Cave ¯ółtodzioba. The discovery was made by Jakub Pysz, and the exploration work involved róalso Mateusz Cieślar and Bartłomiej Juroszek” – reported by the Beskydy Local Tourist Organization.

– In the center is a large room with a length of 10 metersów and latitude ok. 2.5 meters. A huge rock block of more than five tons hangs from its ceiling. We called it „sting”. It is very impressive – Juroszek said in an interview with Radio Bielsko describing the cave „Żóltodziób”.

Bielsko-Biala is a unique city in terms of its location. Within the administrative boundaries of the city there are 17 summitóin górska of the Silesian and Little Beskids. And there are many caves in its vicinity. The cave at Three Mounds is exceptionally long – it counts approx. 1.2 thousand. m. Another, named Malinowska, in the 16th and 17th centuries. was meant to serve as a place of worship for Protestants, and in the early 19th century the. be hideóThe association ofójnikóin Ondrash.

Cave Preservation Association „Malinka Group” was formed 15 years ago. Associated cave explorers are involved in the exploration and inventory of the siteóin the underground in the Silesian Beskid, but also in the Tatra Mountains and other parts of the Beskidów.

„Every year we discover, inventory and plan dozens of facilityów with impressive lengths expressed in kilometers. At the moment we have discovered about 195 caves, of which 143 are accurately inventoried with a total length of 6897.5m. In addition, we enlarged 43 existing caves by 1,813 metersów” – reads „Malinka Group”.