A skyscraper from a 3D printer For sheikhs nothing is impossible

A skyscraper from a 3D printer? For sheikhs, nothing is impossible

About the passion of Arab sheikhsów to technological innovations we could see beforehand. This is where the world’s first regularly scheduled flying taxis are due to be launched in Julyówki, the local police are testing a crime prediction system, and firefighters have jet packs. Anyway, in Dubai there is already a building created using 3D printing technology. But this time the sheikhs are going two steps further, as they plan to build a skyscraper created entirely with 3D printing technology.

The ambitious plans were presented by Dubai-based Cazza Construction. – When we first thought of implementing 3D printing technology, we had heads in mindównie houses and low-rise buildings. However, developers have asked us if it is possible to print a skyscraper using 3D technology. This prompted us to investigate whether we could use this technology to build tall buildingsów – said Cazza Construction head Chris Kelsey.

– With our technology, we will be able to construct architecturally complex buildings in very króTIME. The initial high cost of the technology will decrease as we enter the mass production phase – assessed Xavier Fernand, one of the engineers of theóIn Cazza Construction.

Other than announcing to the world that a fully printed skyscraper will be built in the UAE, no more details were givenółóin the project. Its appearance has not been presented, nor has it been stated how tall the building will be.

According to the head of the Department of the Ministry of Project ImplementationóIn Infrastructure Expansion, building with 3D printers will cut costs by up to 80 percent. In addition, skróth building erection time by 70 percent. And will halve the amount of workerów.

Last year, Dubai authorities declared a new strategy, according to which theórej to 2030 25 percent. buildingów put up in the city are to be created using 3D printing technology.