An American bred a python in. emoticons

American bred python in. emoticons

Justin Kobylka of StanóIn the United States, he worked for eight years to breed such a unique snake. Breeder wzór obtained through recessive mutations – In simple terms, it is about passing on certain traits to offspring. In this case, it is a matter of patterór on the body of the reptile.

The snake in emoticons is a python królewski (Python regius). Pythons are not venomous snakes and are also not aggressive. They kill their victims by strangulation. Its natural habitat is Central and West Africa, but it is increasingly common to find these snakes in private kennels.

The specimen presented by Kobylke is an albino. Such color varieties are rarely found in the wild, due to their lack of camouflage, making them easy targets for predatorsów. In this case, the snake in breeding was in no danger, thanks to which móhe head to live peacefully and serve as material for the crossówek.

Kobylka has been breeding snakes all her life. At first it was an interest thatóre at university turned into a passion for. Currently Kobylka is professionally involved in snake breeding. Obtains a breakótion of color variations and interruptionsótangible patterns. Prices of the most beautifully colored specimens can reach several thousand dollarsów. Its cultures can be seen on the website.

Kobylka, in an interview with Business Insider, valued the reptile at at least $4,500ów. Breeder, despite being professionally involved in the snake trade, an individual with distinctive emoticons will keep to himself.