The winner of the Polish astronomy Olympiad will have her own asteroid

astronomy Olympiad winner will have her own asteroid

At the Silesian Planetarium in Chorzow, the final competition of the school’s 60. Astronomy Olympiad. The winner, Zofia Kaczmarek from Toruń, among various prizes received one unusual one: an asteroid will be named after her.

Zofia Kaczmarek is a student of the Junior High School and High School Academic in Toruń. Second place went to Bartosz Dzięcioł from the XIII High School Ogólnokształcące in Szczecin. Third place on the podium went to Michal Wójcik from the Third High School of the Leonardo da Vinci. Adam Mickiewicz High School in Tarnów. The following places and the title of laureate of the Olympiad were awarded to: Patryk Rachwał from Wroclaw, Dawid Borys from Cracow, Błażej Rozwoda from Cracow, Zbigniew Przygoda from Warsaw, Bartosz Salwiczek from Kołobrzeg and Kornel Księżak from Szczecin.

Kaczmarek won for the second time in a row, and two years ago she took second place in the Olympiad.

Oprócz „standard” nagród from the organizerów and sponsoróin, this year there was also a special prize. An additional award „funded” asteroid hunters, Michal Kusiak and Michal Zolnowski. In the near future they will be able as explorers to propose names for a dozen new objectsów. They declared that they will propose to the International Astronomical Union that one of the asteroids be named after the winner of the anniversary Olympiad, which was received with an ovation by the participantsóin and organizer of theóin the olympiad.

The Astronomy Olympiad is held in several stages. The first- and second-level competitions help determine the finalistsóin, whichóers come to the Silesian Planetarium in Chorzow for the final third stage of the Olympiad. This year 21 students won the right to participate in the finalsóin szkół secondary schools. The top place winners represent póPoland later at an international astronomy Olympiad and usually return from it with successes.

The competition is organized by the Silesian Planetarium in Chorzow. The competition is an interdisciplinary Olympiad combining and expanding the content of physics and geography in the field of astronomy. The competition is one of the oldest in the world among theód astronomy olympiads.

The Olympiad is organized thanks to support from the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, as well as the Committee on Astronomy of the Academy of Sciences, the Astronomical Society, the Society of AstronomicalóThe final third stage of the Olympiad is held at the Silesian Astronomy Center in Chorzów. Mikołaj Kopernik Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, magazines „Urania – Progress of Astronomy” and astronomy companies.