Stephen Hawking will fly into space. Richard Branson kept his word

Stephen Hawking will fly into space. Richard Branson has kept his word

Stephen Hawking will fly into space aboard SpaceShipTwo created by Virgin Galactic, a company thatóra belongs to Richard Branson’s empire. The scientist boasted about it on a TV show. The British billionaire promised a scientist a flight into space back in 2015 and kept his word. Branson is a twórca involving more than 400 Virgin Group companies. His fortune is valued at nearly five billionóin the dollarów.

In a 2015 statement, Branson said „He hopes that one day he will móhead to take Hawking to the stars”. – Professor Stephen Hawking is one of the waspsób, które I admire the most. He is an undisputed genius whoóry opened our eyes to the wonders of the Universe. He is the only person whoórej I will give a free ticket for a flight with Virgin Galactic. He is registered with us as a future astronaut. He will fly into space if his health allows him to do so – said two years ago billionaire.

Hawking has suffered for years from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, whichóre led to paralysis of almost his entire body. He was diagnosed with the disease at age 21. Doctors gave him no chance to live to his 25th birthday. He is now 75 years old. However, if he flies, he will not be the oldest astronaut in space. This feat belongs to John Glenn, who died last December, który took a flight in space at the age of 77.

The well-known cosmologist, in an interview with Good Morning Britain, said he never even dreamed of such an opportunity. He also revealed that he agreed immediately when he heard the proposal.

SpaceShipTwo is a reusable passenger spacecraft. It can take eight wasps on boardób. Virgin Galactic is to maintain a fleet of five such shipsów for commercial flightóIn suborbital. SpaceShipTwo does not take off from the surface but is lifted off by mothership WhiteKnightTwo. Only at an altitude of 12 kilometersóSpaceShipTwo fires rocket engine. A shipwreck occurred at the end of 2014. One of the pilots diedów and the other was seriously injured.