The perfect sunscreen for your face – my favorite for sensitive skin with SPF 50

The perfect sunscreen for the face – my favorite for sensitive skin with SPF 50

Radiant, young, fresh-looking skin- that’s what every woman wants, but that only works with the right skin care. We all have our perfect skin care routine on it, but what is often forgotten is the sun protection. Sun radiation makes our skin age faster and that’s exactly why it’s super important to care for the skin on your face with sunscreen even during short sunbathing sessions. Who has sensitive skin, knows that it can be hard to find the perfect sunscreen for the face. But also for women with quickly oily skin should use the right sunscreen, because otherwise it can lead to increased pimple formation. So which sunscreen is right for the face?

The perfect sunscreen for the face from La Roche Posay

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After a long search and testing, I came across the sunscreen La Roche Posay after a recommendation from a friend. It’s an absolute favorite for many because it doesn’t sting the eyes, absorbs quickly, has a high SPF of 50 and is also great for sensitive, as well as quickly oily skin. I’ve read countless reviews and almost all of them are consistently positive, so I wanted to share this fave product of mine with you guys. If you are longer looking for a suitable sunscreen for your face, then you should try you:

Which SPF for the face?

For the face, you should use a sunscreen with the highest possible sun protection factor and reapply it at regular intervals. This is how you guarantee optimal protection for your facial skin. The skin on the face is thinner than the rest of the skin and is exposed to sunlight more often than other areas of the body, so it should receive the most attention. Even with clouds in the sky or after bathing you should reapply your sunscreen. You can apply La Roche Posay sunscreen to your face every day before you apply your makeup and then apply over your makeup in ultra thin layers throughout the day, this works quite well.