China plans to send a lander to the moon later this year

China plans to send a lander to the moon later this year

The Chang'e-5 lander, whichóry China intends to send to the Silver Globe is currently in the final stages of testingów. China’s National Space Agency (CNSA) said the próbnik will be ready for launch in August.

Hu Hao of China’s lunar program stated in an interview with "People's Daily", That it will „one of China’s most difficult space missions”. He also acknowledged that these are technologically new challenges for the Middle Kingdom, as for the first time in the history of Chinese próbnik to land on the moon.

It was not without politics. Hao stressed that the flight to the Silver Globe is a challenge thrown to the US, które heralds the revival of the space program. At least that’s how mówired by Donald Trump. – The Trump administration has announced its intention to return to the Moon. Our country’s róalso announced plans for a series of expeditions to far space – explained Hao.

Moon landing is part of China’s Chang Moon exploration program’e, whichóry the Middle Kingdom announced in 2003. In 2007 and 2010, China placed two orbiters (the Chang probe’e-2 then flew towards the asteroid Toutatis). In 2013, the Jade Kr settled on the Moon’s surfaceólik – Yutu – Moon rover, whichóry worked until 2014 and did a number of valuable studies.

Chang is to be sent to the moon this year’e-5, and in 2018 will fly Chang’e-4, który is to make the first landing on the dark side of the Moon. The Middle Kingdom’s space plans call for the first Chinese astronaut to stand on the surface of the Silver Globe by 2036.