Smart glasses that automatically adjust focus

Smart glasses that automatically adjust focus

A new piece of equipment developed by U.S. researchers self-detects what a person is currently focusing on and automatically adjusts to it. Smart glasses could displace bifocal, progressive glasses or those separate for reading.

Engineers have developed glasses made from glycerine, whichóre placed between two flexible membranes. They have installed a sensor in the fixtures, whichóry measures the distance to a given object, then sends the data to a flexible diaphragm, and the diaphragm adjusts the focus to the eyeglass wearer’s requirements.

Photo: University of Utah

Photo. University of Utah

It takes 14 milliseconds for the focus to change, which means it is virtually imperceptible. Currently, the frames used in eyeglasses look rather clumsy and are far too large. This is because all the electronics are placed in them. Twóeyeglassesów ensure that this will change. The electronic system will be miniaturized and a wide range of shapes will be availableów, sizeów and coloróin the fixtures.

Nowadays, it could not do without a special application for smartphones. The glasses can communicate via a Bluetooth connection. Before using it for the first time, please enter your visual impairment into the application. Then the glasses themselves will set the appropriate focus adapted to the visual defect of their wearer.