Black humor is indicative of a high IQ

Black humor indicates high IQ

A study was conducted at a university in Vienna, które 156 subjects were involvedób. The study group consisted of a mix of men and women with an average age of 33 and a rótier of education. The subjects were first given intelligence and aggression tests. They were also tested on their attitudes to life. Next, it was determined how they reacted to humorous graphics with grim undertones by German cartoonist Uli Stein.

Cartoon joke subjectsóin Stein is primarily death, disease, disability and war. One of the imagesów depicted a confused man in a phone booth. The voice from the handset of the camera mówired: here the answering machine of the patient self-help associationów with Alzheimer’s disease, if you still remember the subject of którym you wanted to talk, leave a message after the signal.

The researchers were asked to evaluate each of the drawingsów. The results showed that the group, whichóra appreciated black humor the most, also had the highest scores in intelligence tests. They were also the best educated and had low levels of aggression. Gender and age had no significant effect on the results.

Those whoór to whom this type of humor suited them the least, they had average and lowest scores in tests assessing intelligence. They also had higher levels of aggression and were more easily subject to negative moods.

So if you enjoy black humor, it does not mean that you are devoid of empathy or suffer from some emotional torsion. This type of humor, according to the scientistów, requires a bit more intelligence, for the reason that more complex information processing is needed here.