DevLoop – this is what the Hyperloop One test track looks like

DevLoop – this is what the Hyperloop One test track looks like

High-speed rail is one of the project’sóby Elon Musk. The concept itself has been around for at least a few decades, but its renewed notoriety is due precisely to the head of SpaceX, whoóry in 2012 presented its vision for this mode of transportation.

The project involves the use of magnetic levitation technology, which means that the train will not move on rails, but on magnetic cushions produced by powerful electromagnets mounted on the undersides of the carriageów. Such solutions are already in use around the world. Thanks to this application, the problem of friction has been eliminated and the railroad will be able to reach higher speeds.

Today, the fastest speeds are reached by such trains. The record was set 10 years ago by Japanese constructors, któers have accelerated the SCmaglev train to 581.8km/h. However, this does not satisfy Musk, whoóry want to double the speed achieved by the Japaneseów. And this is due to the use of a tunnel próof the glowing. The concept of moving through a tunnel, with whoórego pumped out almost all the air, will eliminate the problem of air resistance, which will add another tens or maybe hundreds on the speedometer.

The railroad, according to Musk’s design, is to be cheap, fast and environmentally friendly. It is to be powered by solar energy. The track is to be erected on high poles, thus achieving the most kkr possibleótighter route. Capsules will be flashed in the long tunnel, which willóre are expected to hold between 6 and 28 waspsób. The tunnel will not be completely próof the flesh, some air will be in it. Therefore, in order to prevent the capsules from acting like a piston, a system was used to suck air through each carriageów, który will direct them under the spód by producing an additional air cushion.

DevLoop in Nevada

A test track for high-speed rail has been built in the Nevada desert. His photos were presented at a conference of railroad circles in Dubai. The first tests on the DevLoop track are expected to take place later in the first half of this year. The track will eventually measure 500 metersów length.

Last year, during the first testóin a sled on a different track reached 650 kilometersóin per hour. A speed of 100 kilometersów per hour was achieved in just over one second. The overload reached 2.5 G. But such performance does not satisfy Musk. On the DevLoop track, the sled is expected to expand more than 1,100 kilometersów on the hour.