Elon Musk heralds the era of cyborgs Our children will be half-robots

Elon Musk heralds an era of cyborgs. "Our children will be half-robots"

Elon Musk at the World Goverment Summit omówished a wide range of issues before whichóhe issues facing our civilization in the next hundred years. One of them was artificial intelligence, whichóra can make a person unnecessary. The only solution, according to the visionary, is to connect man with machine.

– Artificial intelligence will be much smarter than the smartest man on Earth. This is a dangerous situation – admitted Musk. In doing so, he pointed out that the danger lies in the possibility of losing human control over its creation.

Musk stressed that it is extremely important to create regulations thatóre would organize the development ofój artificial intelligence so that it does not become a threat to public safety. – We need to be very careful in how we adapt digital intelligence. We must be sure that scientists will not get carried away. Sometimes it so happens that scientists are completely immersed in their work and don’t really realize the consequences of what they are doing – admitted.

According to Musk, one of the waysów to prevent artificial intelligence from getting out of control is to connect with it. – I think some kind of combination of biological and digital intelligence is possible. This could solve the problem of loss of control – assessed Musk.

The head of SpaceX explained that artificial intelligence is not a distant realm of science fiction. This is already happening. – In a sense, we are already cyborgs. It is all these digital tools and applications to which theór which everyone has access. You ask a question and have an instant answer in the search engine – Musk said.

The combination of man and machine solves yet another problem. Rozwój artificial intelligence in the króll soon put thousands of people out of work. Connection to artificial intelligence „will improve” man, whoóry will móheads to compete in someórych areas with digital intelligence. – In 20 years, the world will have about 12-15 percent of the world’s. unemployed. Governments will have to introduce universal incomeód basic. I think it will be necessary. We will have no choice – stated the billionaire.

Musk is a visionary, a dreamer and a billionaire in one person. At the age of 12, he already sold the first computer game of his own making. In a dozen years he built the SpaceX company from scratch, whichóra is successfully competing with NASA in the pioneering flight industryóin space. His other company – Tesla Motors – revolutionized the car marketóin electric. He was born in South Africa and is a Mars colonization geek.