Antibiotics can stimulate bacterial reproduction

Antibiotics can stimulate bacterial reproduction

Scientists exposed E bacteria for four days. coli (Escherichia coli) to the antibiotic at low concentrations. Such treatment was repeated twice a day.

Experts observed an increase in antibiotic resistance, but this is what they expected. However, what surprised the researchers was that the bacteria multiplied faster and formed three times larger populations.

After eight cycles „feeding” bacteria with antibiotics were frozen, and then the DNA of E. coli to see how the mutated. Someóre of the mutations were known to scientists. New ones have also arrived. It was noted that changes in the genome of the Escherichia coli allowed the bacteria to produce a large amount of so-called “colon”. Protein pumps pushing antibiotics out of the interior of the comórek.

The study is part of a larger study on the impact of antibioticsów on the DNA of bacteria.

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