First autonomous car race ends in crash

The first race of autonomous cars ended in a crash

The first car raceóIn autonomous was held on a professional track in Buenos Aires. Two Devbot vehicles raced against each other in Roborace. The race was held before the competition of electric carsóin Formula E racing. One of the vehiclesóin Devbot failed to finish the race. He entered the corner too aggressively and hit the bandaid. However, the other made it to the finish line and even managed to get past the dog, który ran onto the track.

Roborace competition is to popularize electric cars and solutions used in autonomous cars. In earlier editions, autonomous vehicles took part, but one at a time. Now the real race took place. The crash of one of the vehiclesów isn’t the best advertisement for the industry, but the behavior of the second car already is. The fact that it managed to avoid the dog, whichóry unexpectedly intruded on the track, is a big plus.

– Devbot is damaged, but it can be repaired. But the most beautiful thing is that no person was injured, because the driver was not inside the vehicle – said Justin Cooke, który is responsible for marketing Roborace.

Caród, whichóry reached the finish line reached a maximum speed of 187 kilometersów per hour. But it did not develop maximum speed for safety reasons. It is also worth noting that the vehicles communicated with each other and there was no collision between them. Devbot vehicles are imbued with sensors that assess the road. They are fully autonomous and were unveiled last year.

Roborace organizers plan to hold such races in the future with the participation of about 10 teamsóin, whichóre going to build their own machines. The next Roborace competition will also be held before the Formula E competition. This will take place on the first of April in Mexico City.