India launched 104 satellites in one go. New record

India launched 104 satellites into orbit in one fell swoop. New record

The equipment was carried by a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket launched from the Satish Havan Space Center. It had 104 satellites on board, które successfully placed in orbit around the Earth. The Indian Space Research Organization has thus set a new record. The previous one belonged to the Russians, whoóers put 37 satellites into orbit in 2014óin one go.

The total weight of the payload was 1,377 kilogramsów, more than half of which were weighed by India’s Cartosat-2 satellite. India’s Space Research Organization has placed satellites in orbit Stanóin the United States, the Netherlands, Israel, Kazakhstan, Switzerland and its. Last year, India launched 74 foreign satellites. Thanks to PSLV rockets and the low cost of operations, India is becoming an extremely attractive alternative for institutions and countries wishing to place a satellite in space.

Yesterday’s launch was the 39th successful PSLV rocket launch. The event was broadcast live on television. The operation went off without a hitchócenia.

Amongód devices launched into orbit were 88 nanosatellitesóat the U.S. company Planet, które ultimately to go into heliosynchronous orbit (This is the kind of orbit in which theów hen the angle between the plane of orbit and the direction to the sun is always the same. In simple terms, it can be said that this is the orbit in which theó(A satellite always flies over an area at the same local time).

88 satellitesóat Dove are to join 50 similar ones already in orbit and together will form the largest satellite network. Always the same, a perfect view of the Earth, can helpóc in analyzing and forecasting climatic phenomena with high accuracy.

Indian featów praised on Twitter Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whoóry is a great popularizer of India’s space program. – The astonishing achievement of the Indian Space Research Organization fills us with pride. This is another wonderful moment for India’s space program and our nation. India pays tribute to its scientists – PM wrote.