Scientists have determined how much we should work to enjoy good health

Scientists have determined how much we should work to enjoy good health

How much should we work to maintain good health? The research was led by Dr. Huong Dinh. They suggest that to maintain good health, one should not work more than 39 hours a week. Working beyond the limit set in the research significantly increases the risk of a problemów with mental health. The length of work also affects the physical health of the employee.

– Long working hours reduce a person’s mental and physical health. When we work long hours, we have less time to properly take care of ourselves – explained Dinh.

According to the study, women should still work krócially 34 hours a week. This is due to other non-work commitments, such as childcare and other domestic work. – Statistically, women are as educated as men, but have worse wages and enjoy less autonomy in life than men, admitted Dinh.

– Women spend more time taking care of children and other household duties. Given the additional demands placed on women, they should not work as long as employers expect them to – assessed the study author.

For the study, data from 8,000 Australians were analyzedów gathered during surveys. The age of the subjects was in the range of 24-65 years.

Currently, the working time in róhe figure in different parts of the world is between 40-45 hours a week. Of course, we are talking about legal work here. This time dimension is krótszy for róof any kind of work in harmful conditions. But back at the beginning of the 20th century, many places around the world had 80-90 hour work weeks.

Professor Lyndall Strazdins, whoóra is wspóhe author of the study appeals to dispel the common belief that for a job well done, one must work long hours. – I have an appeal to the managerów and policiesów to start a debate on the length of working hours – she said.

The overall results of the study will appear in the March issue of the "Social Science & Medicine".