What happens inside the body when you bend your fingers

What happens inside your body when you bend your fingers?

Moving the fingers of the hand is such a natural activity that almost no one wonders how it actually happens. To get an idea of how our body works, the Twitter channel How Things Work shared a short video showing in great detail the inside of our body, specifically the hand.

Our body is a fascinating machine and is far more complex than we can imagine. Those not studying medicine may be shocked by the complexity of our bodies. None of us wonders what mechanisms are behind the fact that we can move our toes freely. And we certainly don’t think about what it looks like inside our bodies.

The so-called. finger surface flexor muscleów. It is thanks to him that we can move them. This muscle is terminated by tendons. Its work, so to speak, can be seen from the inside thanks to the króThe small video, whichóre has been available online for several days.

For those whoóers who have not taken a special anatomy course, the How Things Work channel available on Twitter has presented krótki illustrative footage, showing what happens inside the body when a person moves his fingers.

The video shows naked muscles of the human hand, so it is better not to watch the footage while eating. We advise against this róalso the one thatóers have weak nerves and seeing the inside of the human body can cause a vomiting reflex.