An integrated circuit capable of surviving the hell of Venus has been created

An integrated circuit capable of surviving the hell of Venus was created

The surface of Venus has extremely difficult conditions. The length of stay on the „Earth’s twin” belongs to the Soviet probe Venera 13, whichóra managed to survive the hellish conditions for 127 minutes. However, this may change, because American engineers have developed electronics thatóra can survive longer.

Venus is often referred to as „Earth’s twin”. However, it is because of the porócomparable to Earth in size, because conditions there are far from Earth’s. The temperature on the surface of Venus is about 500 degrees Celsius. Celsius. Venus is the closest planet to Earth and revolves around theół its own axis in the opposite direction than most planets in the Solar System. The pressure there is 92 times greater than on our planet, and the dense atmosphere is 96 percent. consists of carbon dioxide. Under such conditions, no electronics can operate for long.

The problem was decided by researchers at the John H Research Center. Glenn, whichóre near wspóliaises with NASA. They have developed a new type of conductoróIn linking the variousólne electronic components. The entire system also uses pósilicon carbide-containing conductors. They enclosed the whole thing in a ceramic casing and subjected it to tests.

The system was tested in the GEER (Glenn Extreme Environments Rig) test chamber, whichóra capable of producing conditions similar to those on Venus. The electronics lasted in the chamber for 521 hours, or nearly 22 days. This is a promising result that allows thinking about sending a vehicle there, thanks to which theóru we would learn the secrets „Earth’s sisters”.