Unique electric motor created by Szczecin scientists

Unique electric motor created by Szczecin scientists

Researchers at the West Pomeranian University of Technology have developed an electric motor that is more economical than the conventional motors currently in use. It may have applications m.in. In electric car drives and as a generator in wind power plants.

Szczecin scientists have created a unique design of the magnetic circuit of the motor, thanks to which theórej it is possible to control the operation of the device more. The point is m.in. o induced voltage and energy losses at high speeds. This is possible by weakening the magnetic field of the magnetóin durable in machine.

– The machine is unique in that it has an additional control and power system, który makes it possible to regulate the voltage in the machine, as well as all its other parametersóIn an interview with PAP prof. dr hab. Eng. Ryszard Palka of the Department of Electricity and Propulsionóin Electrical Engineering at ZUT in Szczecin.

In his opinion, the electric motor is more economical than the engines used todayóin conventional. – The machine has better dynamic performance, i.e. acceleration. It is also safer, because in the event of an accident, it has the chance to be instantly disconnected – added.

– The main characteristic of this machine is that it gives a wide possibility of adjusting the driving torque, which means that it can operate very effectively zarówno at low as well as high speeds,” explained Dr. Ing. Marcin Wardach of the Szczecin university.

According to prof. Palki user of an electric car equipped with this engine móIt would be able to travel a distance of several dozen kilometers longerów w porównaniu to other vehiclesów with electric propulsion.

– The motor created by us can be used in automotive drivesóin electric motors, and also as generators in wind power plants, where often variable weather conditions determine the parameters of the energy produced. This design solution makes it possible to control these parametersów – said Dr. Eng. Piotr Paplicki, who belongs to a group of Szczecin-based constructors ofów.

The engine has national patents. Created at the Szczecin university szósty prototype of the machine is the result of many years of cooperation with scientists from Germany, Italy and South Korea, as well as grant fundingóIn the National Science Center.