Why pandas are black and white

Why pandas are black and white?

Scientists from the University of California at Davis and California State University at Long Beach are behind the study. The coloration of pandas has caused trouble for biologists, because there is no mammalóIn similarly colored, and there is nothing to poróknow such coloration. Researchers have wondered for years what purpose the great panda’s coloration serves.

To resolve this, the researchers began to treat each part of the panda’s body separately. Porównano róThe pandas’ fur regions with 195 predators and with 39 subspecies of bears, with which theyórymi panda is related.

After analyzing hundreds of photos, researchers ruled that the white region of panda fur has pomóc in camouflage on the snow. The paws, colored black, are thought to be helpful for camouflage in the shade. Since pandas do not go into winter sleep, the black-and-white camouflage, according to the scientistów, is adapted to rópór year.

In turn, the black ears and peripheryódki wokół eyes are used for communication. Researchers ruled that they can suggest to potential aggressors that they are dealing with a fierce individual and róinnately aggressive. In addition, spots around theóEyebrows are helpful for pandas to recognize each other, according to researchers.

According to the researchersów, the great panda’s coloration is a result of its diet. As mentioned earlier, pandas do not go into winter sleep, so they must be active all year round. This, in turn, forces them to travel long distancesóIn the extreme rótion of environments that are different from each other – from snow-covered gór to lasóin the tropics.